We Run Online Events

for busy insurance professionals

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Anita Nevins is the driving force behind the Virtual Insurance Marketplace, an online trade show for the insurance industry. Since hosting the first Virtual Insurance Marketplace, she has orchestrated well-attended online trade shows branded for insurance companies and associations.

We lead the industry in orchestrating all aspects of online events, from planning and hosting to media and publicity.

How Organizations & Professionals Use Online Events

Online Trade Shows

These are ideal for busy insurance professionals, as they require no travel time or expense. We specialize in orchestrating online trade shows and raise the profile of their host organizations.


We’ve helped numerous wholesale insurance brokers leverage webinars to showcase their expertise, build their book of business, and increase leads.

Online Training Programs

These are a cost-effective and efficient way to get a geographically diverse network of agents and producers up to speed quickly on new products, services, and regulatory changes.

Online Career Fairs

With an online career fair, distance is no boundary to attracting the top talent. Job applicants can attend without leaving work or spending money on travel—bringing you a wider pool to choose from.