Social Media Is a Full-Time Job

Let us do it for you—and get you great results.

Anyone can spend time on social media. The trick is to make that time pay off by bringing in qualified leads. We’ve helped countless insurance clients build a strong, compelling social media presence that’s resulted in more leads, more business, and more sales.

Our proven social media strategists will help you build your marketing list, connect with your audience, and develop a positive, forward-thinking image for your insurance business—on a range of social media platforms.

Insurance Email Marketing

Get the word out—at minimal cost.

Email marketing is a cost-efficient and highly effective way to build your business—but it requires focused strategic effort. We specialize in using Constant Contact and InfusionSoft to keep in touch with your prospect list, drive revenue growth, and track real-time results. Metrics we track include:

  • Number of emails opened
  • Click-through rates on every in-message link
  • Response statistics

By carefully tracking response data, we can modify and strengthen your email marketing strategy—compounding your results over time.

We Know Where to Find Your Audience

Because of our extensive industry contacts and experience, we know how to get in touch with insurance professionals on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social media platforms with a strong industry presence. We’ll manage your social media campaign, streamline your branding across all platforms, design your content strategy, and track the results.

Our social media strategists will keep you in front of your audience through promoted and sponsored posts, cultivate conversations, and increase your fans and followers—enticing them back to your website.

Insurance Social Media Marketing