Why Wholesale Insurance Brokers Need Content Marketing

“Content Marketing” is a buzzword you may have seen floating around. Simply speaking, it’s a marketing method that’s sort of anti-marketing. It’s designed to offer information of value to your audience—education and tips that could come in the form of blog posts and articles, e-books, webinars, podcasts, social media posts, or white papers—without a sales pitch.

There are many different ways to do content marketing, and …

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LinkedIn is a great place to make connections with your clients- insurance agents and brokers, promote your expertise as a wholesale insurance broker, and nurture the connections you have. But there’s a definite set of do’s and don’ts for LinkedIn—points of etiquette that it’s important to know and conform to if you want to make a good impression. Here are a few LinkedIn missteps it’s …

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How to Use LinkedIn to Connect With Retail Insurance Agents

LinkedIn is an invaluable tool for forming business connections in the insurance industry. Wholesale insurance agents can use LinkedIn to keep in front of current connections and nurture those relationships—as well as make new connections that might be valuable to your business. Here are a few tips.

Join the groups where insurance agents hang out. Do a few searches on LinkedIn to find groups to join. …

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Blogging can do a lot for your wholesale insurance business. It can get you in front of retail insurance agents, help showcase your expertise and make your website more findable in the search engines. If you’re thinking of launching a blog, here are a few tips for starting off on the right foot—and ensuring you get the results you want.

Plan your editorial schedule. Sometimes it’s …

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LinkedIn definitely cuts down the time it takes to create a great prospecting list. A few tips about how to leverage LinkedIn to create a strong prospect list are outlined below.

You can create a prospecting list from using any of your outside resources and other associations within the Insurance Industry. After that, you can sort the information and get your prospect list down to a …

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