Niche Marketing for Wholesale Insurance Brokers: Where to Start

Many wholesale insurance brokerages are generalists—what they focus on is the risk that’s too challenging for the standard market, across all specializations. Niche marketing takes that one step further. Instead of specializing in challenging risk across any insurance area, you’re focusing in on one specific area—like excess transportation, cyber liability, or neutraceuticals, or specializations like those in a specific region.

Niche marketing can be an extremely …

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In many markets, customers care a lot about price, but many insurance agents have little control over pricing—as the carrier sets the prices. Sure, you can work with insureds to find opportunities to reduce premiums, but in the end you can’t tinker with pricing strategy to see what works best—and your competition sells many of the same products, priced the same way.

Insurance agents, brokers, and …

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Local Search Tips for Wholesale Insurance Brokers

Not everyone sees the same results when they do a search on Google. Where you are when you’re searching can often determine what you see. If you do a search for “physical therapists,” for example, Google will show you physical therapists in your area—even if you didn’t specify a specific location.

It’s the same with an insurance agent who is searching for a wholesale insurance brokerage …

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Like banking, medicine, and law, the insurance industry tends to be fairly conservative. There’s nothing wrong with that in and of itself, but with more wholesale insurance brokerages and other insurance companies getting into social media, it can sometimes lead to some off-tone messaging. Trying to maintain a formal, all-business tone doesn’t always work well in social media.

We’re not advocating being unprofessional or inappropriate in …

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A Breakdown of Social Media Platforms for Wholesale Insurance Marketing

More and more insurance agents and brokers are getting on social media. That means it’s also becoming a better place for wholesale brokers to make connections and showcase their expertise. But you have limited time—and social media can sometimes be a time suck. It’s important to pick the right platform for your business and your audience. Here’s a breakdown of what’s out there—and its potential …

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