How to Nail an Authentic Tone on Social Media—While Staying Professional

Capturing the right tone on social media can be difficult for wholesale insurance brokers in particular. Most social media experts advise companies to try for an approachable, humanizing tone that’s likable and authentic. However, insurance is a conservative business—and many wholesale brokerages are not comfortable with getting too personal or relaxed on social media. Here are a few tips for nailing a tone that’s authentic, …

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Marketing and social media can be work-intensive, especially if you’re handling it on top of all the other demands of a busy wholesale insurance brokerage. But even as a smaller company, you can set up some automated processes to make it easier. Here are a few things you can easily automate—that may generate outstanding returns.

Your social media posts. You can use a tool like Hootsuite …

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Most wholesale insurance brokers are aware of LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook as potential marketing platforms. But there are a wide range of others as well—some that focus more on the visual than on text-based updates. A picture may say a thousand words, and video might be a great sales tool—but can visual social media platforms work for brokers?

The answer is that yes, they can. We’ll …

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Niche Marketing for Wholesale Insurance Brokers: Where to Start

Many wholesale insurance brokerages are generalists—what they focus on is the risk that’s too challenging for the standard market, across all specializations. Niche marketing takes that one step further. Instead of specializing in challenging risk across any insurance area, you’re focusing in on one specific area—like excess transportation, cyber liability, or neutraceuticals, or specializations like those in a specific region.

Niche marketing can be an extremely …

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In many markets, customers care a lot about price, but many insurance agents have little control over pricing—as the carrier sets the prices. Sure, you can work with insureds to find opportunities to reduce premiums, but in the end you can’t tinker with pricing strategy to see what works best—and your competition sells many of the same products, priced the same way.

Insurance agents, brokers, and …

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