The 2012 Virtual Insurance Marketplace Is Attracting Industry Leaders as Sponsors

The 2012 Virtual Insurance Marketplace is the second offering from Direct Connection Advertising & Marketing, an agency specializing in insurance marketing services. The 2012 VIM promises industry leading  sponsors, more interactivity, better accessibility, and an overall more diverse group than the 2010 show.

A  virtual tradeshow experience is …

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When you first started building up your insurance agency or brokerage, you might have done what many business owners do: bypassed developing a marketing plan. Marketing is crucial to the growth and stability of any insurance business, and a solid marketing plan can put you in a position to consistently draw in new business. Here we explore the reasons why this is true.

1. A Marketing …

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10% of an insurance associations’ membership shows up at a tradeshow, but what about the other 90%…? MANY insurance agency owners and their staff have NEVER attended a tradeshow, either because of cost, distance, or because they’re a small office that can’t leave the business unmanned.

The truth is that traditional tradeshows are falling by the wayside, for financial and logistical reasons. Business expert Melanie Lindner wrote …

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Using virtual tradeshows is becoming increasingly more common, and the insurance industry is primed to benefit from this money-saving, time-saving online experience. So what is a virtual tradeshow?

If you look quickly at the picture above, you might at first mistake it for a traditional tradeshow. In fact, it’s the main lobby of a virtual tradeshow. With amazing advances in technology and graphics, companies who have …

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A study released by Merkle in 2009 showed that Americans are open to receiving promotional emails as long as the content is “relevant and valuable” to them. It’s likely that your clients and prospects consider their insurance needs “relevant and valuable” and, in fact, they’ll actively seek to sign up to receive these kinds of emails. With this in mind, email can be a powerful …

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