Meeting Insurance Agents IRL: Are Networking Groups Worth It?

If you’re leading a busy wholesale insurance office, you not only have to keep yourself inspired—you have to manage your team, and encourage them to do their best work. Here are a few tips for being an outstanding boss—and getting the most from your employees.

Be very clear. Make sure your employees have an accurate set of expectations from you. If you’re not sure how well …

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Content Marketing

“Content marketing” involves the creation of informative material online—this could take the form of blog posts and articles, webinars, podcasts, and social media posts. It can be highly effective in industries where experts live and die by their specialized expertise—such as the wholesale insurance business.

Content marketing attracts SEO traffic to your website, generates leads, and builds your credibility as an insurance expert. Here are a …

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Three Ways to Improve Communication With Your Agents and Brokers

When it comes to differentiating yourself from other wholesale insurance brokers, communication is key. It pays to be accessible to the agents and brokers you work with, over a variety of mediums. But when you’re busy with other aspects of your job, sometimes the finer points of customer service can get lost. Here are a few tips for better communication over phone, email, and social …

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Wardrobe Tips for Webinar Presenters

When delivering a webinar, you want your audience to be paying attention to you—not your outfit. You need to look good—first impressions are important—but your outfit can’t be too distracting. Ideally, it will be just as formal or casual as your audience expects. Here are a few tips for dressing to present.

Your clothes should fit well and be neat. No matter what you wear, make …

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Should You Use Press Releases for Marketing Purposes? Pros and Cons.

Back at the end of 2012, Matt Cutts of Google made a provocative announcement that links in press releases have no value in SEO. This was shocking to SEO’s at the time, but not actually the complete condemnation of press releases that it sounds. Press releases do have great value as a tool to build brand awareness, increase website traffic, and even improve SEO rankings—regardless …

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