Webinars can be great for professionals in a variety of industries, but they’re especially powerful for wholesale insurance brokers. In this business, there is an increasing push to specialize—and what you know is key to generating business and interested leads. Here are a few reasons why wholesale insurance professionals should consider hosting webinars.

They’re perfect for collecting qualified leads. The more specialized the topic you …

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As a wholesale insurance broker, nothing is more important to your business than your relationships. The connections you forge with insurance brokers and agents, as well as markets, can help you build your business like nothing else. However, especially when you’re just starting out, it can be difficult to establish those contacts.

Social media can be a powerful tool in positioning yourself as an expert in …

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More than 2 billion people worldwide use social media platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram—and the number is growing. The old marketing adage says to go where your audience is, and one thing is clear: no matter what type of prospect you’re looking to attract, they can be found somewhere on social media. So should insurance agents incorporate paid social media marketing into …

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Meeting Insurance Agents IRL: Are Networking Groups Worth It?

If you’re leading a busy wholesale insurance office, you not only have to keep yourself inspired—you have to manage your team, and encourage them to do their best work. Here are a few tips for being an outstanding boss—and getting the most from your employees.

Be very clear. Make sure your employees have an accurate set of expectations from you. If you’re not sure how well …

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Content Marketing

“Content marketing” involves the creation of informative material online—this could take the form of blog posts and articles, webinars, podcasts, and social media posts. It can be highly effective in industries where experts live and die by their specialized expertise—such as the wholesale insurance business.

Content marketing attracts SEO traffic to your website, generates leads, and builds your credibility as an insurance expert. Here are a …

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