We Only Work with Insurance Clients

Because we’re insurance professionals

Direct Connection Advertising & Marketing is a full-service, integrated marketing and communications firm based in Fairfield, California. We specialize in marketing and advertising for wholesale insurance brokers and other insurance entities.

Our clients benefit from our 25 years of marketing experience—as well as extensive contacts within the industry and media. With our connections and industry expertise, we’re uniquely placed to maximize our clients’ exposure—both online and in print.

Anita Nevins

Anita Nevins

Founder & CEO

With extensive experience working at wholesale and company levels, Anita Nevins understands the insurance industry inside and out—and she personally directs and consults on every client campaign.

For over 10 years, Anita worked for Topa Insurance Company in diverse roles—from calling on retail producers in the field to leading their sales and marketing strategy. In 2003, she established Direct Connection Advertising & Marketing LLC, specializing in strategic marketing and communications for wholesale insurance brokers and insurance companies. Her work has helped countless clients drive website traffic, generate leads, forge important industry partnerships, and connect with niche markets.

Anita is married to Brad Nevins, also an insurance marketing executive.