Content marketing is a smart strategy for the wholesale insurance industry, where building and showcasing specialized expertise can be key to attracting new business. LinkedIn is a great social media platform for reaching insurance agents and brokers. Writing and promoting articles on LinkedIn can get you in front of the agents and brokers you want to work with.

There are two ways to post content on LinkedIn. One way involves status updates. Like Facebook, LinkedIn lets you update your status with short, impactful messages. You type your updates into a white space just below your picture, and they appear to everyone you’re connected with. Your updates can also be disseminated even more widely—if someone “likes” your update, it will then be sent to everyone in their network. So the more people who like your posts, the more they’re seen.

LinkedIn allows you to include links to websites or videos in your status updates, as well as documents such as case studies, infographics, or white papers, and other media on your updates—bringing even more value to your connections. Try to avoid posting too much on LinkedIn—this isn’t Twitter; twice a day is probably enough—and avoid non-professional topics.

You can also post long-form articles on LinkedIn. Every time you publish an article, your connections are notified—and if you choose topics that are both timely and interesting to your audience, chances are you’ll get views. If someone decides to like or share your article, their contacts will see it, too. It’s crucial to know who you’re writing for and what they want to know—and tailor your content strategy accordingly.

If you’re not sure what your audience is looking for, try joining groups on LinkedIn that cater to the type of insurance agent you’re looking to work with. Join groups where people discuss the types of insurance you specialize in, and take stock of the questions people ask as well as the general trend of the discussions. It’s possible that you’ll gain many ideas for articles this way.

LinkedIn can be a powerful marketing tool for wholesale insurance brokers. It’s an excellent place to find the insurance agents and brokers you want to work with, showcase your expertise, and reach a wider audience. Develop a content strategy that encompasses both long-form content and shorter, more frequent status updates—and tailor your content to the type of information your audience is looking for—and you’re likely to have success.

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