Webinars can be great for professionals in a variety of industries, but they’re especially powerful for wholesale insurance brokers. In this business, there is an increasing push to specialize—and what you know is key to generating business and interested leads. Here are a few reasons why wholesale insurance professionals should consider hosting webinars.

They’re perfect for collecting qualified leads. The more specialized the topic you choose, the more highly qualified your leads will be—because who except those with a driving professional interest would want to sit through a webinar on a very specialized insurance topic? The best argument for webinars is that they allow you to collect a list of very interested insurance professionals to market to.

They let you build your expertise. Webinars present you as a teacher and expert—and this is ideal for someone in an industry where specialized expertise is so important. It’s especially useful for those building their reputation in a new area of insurance.

They help you connect with insurance agents’ needs. Webinars need to be interactive these days—and that’s a great opportunity for you. Asking your audience for questions and feedback allows you to keep informed on what insurance agents need to know, the problems you can help them with, and what works to keep them engaged.

They’re great marketing tools. Today, successful marketing is all about great content. A webinar’s usefulness as a marketing tool outlasts the day you host it. You can keep the video up on your site, continue to promote it, send the link to qualified leads as you meet them, and use it to generate website traffic and social media interest as long as it’s up-to-date and relevant.

They provide lots of opportunities for repurposing. Developing a webinar might take a lot of time and research—but that well-researched content can be repurposed as blog posts, ebooks, white papers, and other content. A single webinar can help you feed your content generation for a long time to come, with a similar theme that will help you stay top-of-mind in front of a very specialized audience.

Webinars are ideal for those in strongly knowledge-based industries to build their expert reputation. They help you build trust, connect with insurance agents, and build a list of highly qualified leads. Even better, they pay off over the long term. Wholesale insurance brokers can use webinars as ongoing content marketing tools, lead-generation machines, and ongoing sources of repurposed content for a long time after the presentation day.  

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