Social media can be a great way to build awareness of your brand, keep in touch with your business partners, and keep track of important conversations relevant to the types of insurance you specialize in. However, it can be difficult to see direct returns in terms of revenue growth for all the effort you put into social media. It doesn’t have to be this way. Here are a few ideas for improving the number of direct leads you get from social media.

Pick the right platform. Where do the people you’d like to do business with hang out? Facebook and Twitter are often the go-to platforms, but wholesale insurance brokers may have access to a more targeted audience on LinkedIn, for example. This will depend, however, on the types of insurance agents you work with, and the insurance lines you sell. The bottom line is that if you’re not getting much traction on one platform, look into whether the problem is that your audience is simply congregating somewhere else.

Be sure your content is coherent. Getting your social media to generate leads for you is important, but social media often acts as the storefront drawing people in. Once they’re on your website, be sure that the content they’re getting there matches up.

Wholesale insurance brokers often specialize in numerous lines of insurance. You can benefit your potential customers by developing a range of content providing valuable information about each line you focus on—including blog posts, reports, videocasts or podcasts, or webinars. There are many ways you can publicize your expertise on specific insurance lines, and showcase how valuable a partner you’d be to insurance agents.

Get organized, and develop all your content on a specific line of insurance at one time. Release it periodically and publicize it on your social media outlets. Create engagement by taking questions and answering inquiries on your social media platforms.

Create gated content. Perhaps the most powerful way to generate qualified leads through social media is to develop some gated content. This is content—a video, report, or other publication—that your audience will have to fill in information to download. Target your content toward the needs and questions common among the people you want to attract as leads; and be sure your landing page for the content has strong copy that describes the benefits of downloading in a clear, compelling way. Then publicize the content on your social media platforms. Those who take the time to fill out your form have a high level of interest—and prove themselves as good leads.

Getting qualified leads on social media can be a challenge, but it’s definitely possible.

First, be sure that the platforms you choose give you access to the types of insurance agents you want to partner with.

Second, be sure all your website content is aligned so that when your prospects do click through to your site from a social media link, they’re seeing immediately what an asset you are, the depth of your expertise in various insurance lines, and the connections you have with various important insurance markets.

Third, build up a gated content strategy that targets the people you see as ideal leads. With these steps, you should be able to generate a steady stream of qualified leads through your social media presence.

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I read that most social media marketing campaigns take about 6 months before you start seeing any ROI and start building more brand awareness. I believe this to be true, especially for the insurance industry.