In a recent article released in Insurance Networking News, Steve Garmhausen reports that the use of social media among professionals is on an upswing. Here are the results of a survey:

  • 50% claimed to have moderate to extensive experience with social media
  • 43% said they regularly participated in at least one form
  • 10% admitted they were social media addicts

These numbers have jumped dramatically since just 2010. Facebook is the dominant social media presence, with LinkedIn as a close second.

As Garmhausen points out, “Attitudes about the overall value of social media as a tool for business growth are also on the rise…. About 45% of respondents [to the survey] were generally positive about that subject.” Here is what they said when asked how they will use social media to grow their business:

  • 18% would be maintaining a professional blog
  • 21% would use social media to generate customer feedback
  • 18% would share best practices

If you are like so many, trying to decide if social media can work for your business, here is the good news! This study supports the assumption that the potential for using social media is overwhelming. Within your own company, you should plan to implement social media as a means to:

  • broaden your audience
  • communicate with industry professionals
  • gather information about industry and market news
  • research prospects

It is not too late to develop your social media plan! If you continue to debate if and when you should jump on board, you could miss the boat!

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