The 2010 show being a first ever was a success and great learning experience!

We ended up having just over 800 attendees registered for the show. The overall report for the show told us that we had 466 Unique Visitors attend and they visited 875 times for an average visit of 33 minutes. This indicates that our Exhibitors provided enough compelling content to keep our visitors coming back and staying in the show. Good job exhibitors!

Those that had booth video had the most time spent in their booth. The attendees did not seem to select video based on the topic. In most cases, the attendees viewed all videos in the booths that had multiple videos. Now we know…everyone loves video!

The most surprising result of the show was that the attendees did not want to use the live chat tool. Most of our booths had staff ready and wanting to chat but the attendees did not respond. I plan to offer training that will hopefully help agents and brokers to feel comfortable in the virtual environment and make the most of the tools offered, including the chat.

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Guy Zino

I loved the trade virtual trade show. The main thing for me was the convenience of being able to log on whenever I wanted to and not having to travel or spend a day or two away from my office. I actually made some very good connections there and added some GAs that have paid off for me.